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The essential requirements for creating annotations (author’s resumes): desired goals and targets, structure and content

Enrique López Alonso

The essential requirements for creating annotations (author’s resumes): desired goals and targets, structure and content

The abstract (the author’s resumes) inside the periodical is actually a method to obtain information about the material of the write-up and also the analysis final results defined therein.

Annotation towards the article must be:

  1. educational (tend not to contain common words);
  2. unique (not to become translation annotation using a literal interpretation);
  3. considerable (represent the main information of your article and the results of the research);
  4. organized (adhere to the reasoning of conveying the final results from the article);
  5. “English-communicating” (to get designed in higher-top quality English);
  6. portable (to match in to the volume level from 100 to 250 words and phrases), 850 figures, at least 10 collections.

The main desired goals and goals from the annotation

  • Abstract can be a quick summary of a bigger volume level function of the scientific mother nature.
  • The abstract might be published separately, in solitude in the main text message and, consequently, must be understandable without guide for the distribution on its own.
  • Reading through an annotation towards the write-up, your reader need to know the heart and soul in the analysis.
  • Looking at the annotation, the reader should determine whether it be worthwhile to send to the full text message in the write-up for acquiring more in depth info useful to it.
  • Annotation towards the report will be the major way to obtain info from the home-based and foreign information and facts techniques and databases, indexing magazines.
  • Abstract is accessible on the magazine’s website for general public observing on the Internet and indexed by group search resources.
  • The abstract in British is the grounds for making the abstract in other spoken languages.


Structure, content material and level of the abstract

  1. The abstract should state the essential specifics from the work, and ought to not exaggerate or contain substance that is not available in your body of the distribution.
  2. An annotation structure that repeats the structure of your article and includes the introduction, targets and goals, approaches, final results, results (results) is urged.
  3. However: the subject, topic, purpose of the task is indicated should they be not very clear in the title from the report; The process or method of your operate ought to be detailed if they are new or intriguing from the aim of take a look at this work.
  4. The final results of your job are described really correctly and informatively.
  5. The key theoretical and experimental results, true details, identified interactions and regularities are introduced. Concurrently, preference is given to new final results and details of long term value, crucial breakthroughs, results that disprove current ideas, as well as information that, within the author’s view, are of sensible importance.
  6. Results could be together with referrals, estimations, recommendations, hypotheses described within the write-up.
  7. The info contained in the headline of your report ought not to be repeated inside the textual content of the annotation.
  8. Prevent needless opening terms (for instance, “the writer from the post takes into account …”).
  9. Traditional personal references, if they will not comprise the primary articles of your record, a information of previously printed operates and popular provisions within the annotation are certainly not provided.
  10. The words of the annotation should make use of the syntactic constructions built into the vocabulary of medical and technical paperwork; stay away from sophisticated grammatical constructions.
  11. Inside the textual content of the author’s cv, you ought to use considerable words and phrases from the textual content from the write-up.
  12. The writing from the annotation ought to be concise and crystal clear, totally free of background information, superfluous opening phrases, basic and insignificant formulations.
  13. The words ought to be coherent, disjointed records ought to adhere to each other logically.
  14. Abbreviations and symbols, aside from typical ones, are used in extraordinary situations, or they can be presented within the author’s curriculum vitae.
  15. The annotation does not refer to the newsletter quantity from the selection of personal references to the article.
  16. The quantity of the textual content of your author’s curriculum vitae is dependent upon the material of the distribution (the quantity of information and facts, its scientific and practical value), but shouldn’t be lower than 100-250 words.